3 series

We give our patients confidence when we select for them hearing aids of the 3 Series series. From Starkey’s most advanced, full-featured wireless hearing aids from the 3 Series, they provide unprecedented personalization — from function selection to sound — and provide simplicity and reliability to help meet patient needs.


At the heart of each 3 Series hearing aid is BluWave® 3.0, an operating system that is designed for maximum performance in the difficult conditions that patients face today. Using the open architecture of the 3 Series, the BluWave 3.0 operating system provides the basis for simultaneously launching other applications needed to eliminate noise aspects by distinguishing the frequency and intensity of incoming sources.

Thanks to a more precise control of the critical parameters of the hearing aid, BluWave 3.0 provides an updated platform to support our already leading features of functioning, which enables hearing aids of the 3 Series to more naturally eliminate

feedback, provide optimal performance with noise and better manage the power, phone performance, directional audibility and data. The enhancements supported by BluWave 3.0 include:

  • Binaural spatial mapping
  • InVision Directionality
  • PureWave Feedback Eliminator.


Coordinating a digital signal that processes algorithms between patients’ hearing aids is key to listening comfort. Other “ear-to-ear” protocols force the hearing aid response in accordance with the prevailing input. Only the Starkey Binaural Spatial Mapping3 proprietary system intelligently optimizes the SNR settings based on the ratings of both ears, even if it is asymmetric.