Bakposev ENT-organs

In some cases, for the diagnosis is not enough standard examination and clinical analyzes. Then, bacposev is prescribed – with the help of this study, the attending physician can obtain a more accurate diagnostic picture. Patients do not always correctly understand what Bakposev is and are afraid of this analysis. In fact, nothing terrible in it.

Smear on bacposev is a microbiological analysis, which allows to identify pathogenic microflora, which is the source of the disease. With it, determine the type of microorganisms, their number, activity to reproduction and sensitivity to drugs.

Bacteriological sowing of ENT organs

Quite often, ENT diseases have an infectious origin. Bacteria and viruses create a favorable environment in which the inflammatory process develops. And if you stop the symptoms, treatment will not be effective. In addition, it is fraught with the risk of recurrence. For therapy to be successful, it is necessary to identify the pathogen and find out how it reacts to drugs.

Types of bakposev of upper respiratory tract

Depending on the disease and the complaints with which the patient comes, the seeding tank can be taken from:

  • The nose
  • Pharynx
  • Tonsil
  • Ear.

Each of them has its own characteristics and differences.

Bacosev from the nose

Conducted with complaints of severe runny nose, nasal congestion and other nasal symptoms. Buck sowing from the nose helps to figure out what they are connected with: allergic or ordinary rhinitis, sinusitis, or the virus. A swab is taken with a cotton swab, which is inserted deep into the nostril, then transferred onto a glass slide. It is advisable not to use nasal sprays, oils and drops the day before, especially on the basis of antibiotics.

Bakposev from tonsils

With frequent recurrences of angina, baccapes are assigned to the microflora of the tonsils. After all, the main cause of this problem is pathogenic microflora, which remains in the gaps after ineffective treatment. With this analysis, you can determine the nature of frequent tonsillitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis. He is also prescribed for suspected diphtheria and other infectious diseases. Biomaterial taken on an empty stomach, preferably the day before, do not use local preparations.

Backseed from the ear

Assign with otitis media of various localization of purulent or serous nature. Bakposev helps to identify what caused the inflammation and quickly eliminate it. It is collected using a cotton swab, the contents of which are then transferred onto a glass slide by rolling. Further research helps to correctly prescribe antibiotic therapy.