Children’s ENT

If the child often suffers from diseases of the nasopharynx and ears, he needs an intelligent ENT. The capital in this regard offers a large selection of hospitals with professional doctors who are ready to assist. But when it comes to the health of a child, you need not just a doctor, but at the same time a subtle psychologist, and even a little bit a wizard, who knows how to win over the little patient.

Children’s otolaryngologist – a doctor with specialized medical training, specializing in diseases of the nose, throat and ears in children. It requires knowledge of the anatomical features of the child’s body and the ability to find contact with the child. Kids often suffer from inflammation of the ears and nasopharynx due to the fact that the body has not yet formed and is sensitive to pathogens. And here the professional ENT comes to the rescue of the child.

Symptoms that are addressed to the pediatric otolaryngologist

If you notice any of these signs in a baby, it means that you need a good ENT:

  • Nasal congestion for a long time
  • Lack of response to sounds, hearing loss
  • Frequent and protracted colds
  • Sore throat
  • Dry or wet cough
  • Difficult swallowing, with pain
  • Increased fatigue, headache in a child with a cold
  • Pressure sensation in the nasopharynx
  • Labored breathing
  • Weakening or loss of smell
  • Nosebleeds
  • Pain and feeling of congestion in the ears
  • Hoarseness
  • Discharge of pus from the ears, as well as with a cold or cough
  • Decrease or loss of voice
  • Snoring and open mouth while sleeping.

After hearing these complaints and interviewing the parents and the child, the otolaryngologist for children conducts a detailed examination. For diagnostics, in addition to visual methods, special devices are used – an otoscope, a laryngoscope, etc. Also, smears from the nose, throat or ear can be taken for laboratory research. In some cases, additional studies are appointed: radiography, blood and urine tests, ultrasound of the maxillary sinuses. If hearing loss is suspected, audiometry is performed.

If your child needed an ear specialist in the capital, you can get his advice at the Betterton Center. We employ experienced professionals who can easily find contact with children. The clinic uses modern equipment for examination, so the diagnosis will be made as accurately as possible. Based on the results obtained, our otolaryngologist will diagnose the child and prescribe the correct treatment.

Children’s otolaryngologist, types of services

The specialist of this profile deals with the treatment of diseases of the throat, nose and ears in children. He examines young patients, prescribes medication therapy and other therapeutic measures, and also performs some procedures during treatment. From the diseases of the child’s nose, the doctor treats the following:

Rhinitis – in rare cases of this disease, they usually turn to a family doctor, but in chronic and prolonged forms it requires an appeal to an otolaryngologist.

Adenoiditis – overgrown adenoids interfere with normal breathing and provoke complications in terms of hearing.

Sinusitis and sinusitis – neglected inflammatory process in the sinuses require professional treatment.

A foreign body in the nose – children often inhale beads, pills and other small objects, and only a doctor who has a supply of necessary tools in his arsenal can help to reach them.

Also, our children’s doctor helps with various diseases of the throat:

Tonsillitis (angina) is caused by a staphylococcal infection and provokes severe inflammation in the larynx, which can only be completely removed by professional treatment.

Laryngitis, pharyngitis and other sore throat, accompanied by a temporary loss of voice functions

Foreign body in the larynx is a frequent occurrence in active and inquisitive babies, easily removable by a specialist.

In addition, in our center much attention is paid to the auditory system. Specialists can be contacted with the following ear problems:

Otitis is a serious inflammatory process that, without proper treatment, can lead to hearing impairment, perforation of the eardrum and more serious complications.

Sulfur plugs – accumulations of sulfur in the ears prevent the baby from hearing normally and are an environment for pathogenic microorganisms. An ordinary doctor cleans his ears in one step, removing the dirt.

The foreign body in the ear is a common problem among mobile children, which can be easily eliminated with the help of special medical instruments.