Hearing Aid Starkey Axio

The Starkey Axio hearing aid has:

  • from 6-channel and 6-band to 16-channel and 16-band sound processing system,
  • ISO compression – provides more personalized listening, makes speech sounds softer without affecting louder input signals,
  • feedback cancellation system
  • noise control
  • adaptation to the environment
  • automatic focus,
  • programmable switch Rocker, Surface Nano Shield (IP57) – you can choose the sound enhancement program according to the sound environment you are in,
  • battery door lock
  • HydraShield protection is a special body coating that provides water-repellent properties,
  • programmable Telecoil – a function thanks to which the user can capture sounds coming from the phone,
  • voice indicators, up to 4 programmable memories,
  • frequency reduction
  • 900 MHz wireless programming, compatible with Surflink Remote Mic.

AXIO is:

  • convenient listening in loud conditions

Direction patterns, such as dynamic or fixed, improve speech intelligibility in difficult listening situations.

  • better audibility of high frequencies

This technology reproduces high-frequency sounds, such as women’s and children’s voices at lower frequencies, so they are less demanding.

  • easy adaptation to new sounds

Customers quickly get used to the new hearing aid. The settings are gradually adjusted so that the hearing aid can learn new sounds.

  • comfortable, personalized listening

The ISO compression architecture provides quiet comfort for listening to loud sounds, while quiet sounds are clearly audible.

  • noise suppression

Starkey’s excellent feedback suppression provides convenient listening without feedback throughout the day.

  • reliable hearing aids

HydraShield®2 nano-coating provides unparalleled protection against water, sulfur and oil for a long service life and reliability.