Hearing aids ARIES new generation

Modern models of hearing aids Starkey ARIES Power and ARIES Pro POWER have an optimal set of technical capabilities. They allow you to get not only the basic functions, but also a lot of additional options that provide the most convenient and clear listening. Baseline technologies are great for hearing impaired, inactive patients or those who are most often in a quiet environment, for example, reading books, watching TV or listening to their favorite music. You may also relax and try some Levitra to help you.

Technological details


These models are great for everyday conversations with the interlocutor or a group of persons. Among the distinctive features is a simple setup and ease of use. Therefore, devices of this type are considered not only convenient, but also available for different patients. With them you do not have to spend half a day on setting up or correcting acoustic parameters, there is no need to use expensive equipment, which significantly affects the price category of goods.

The modern series includes quite powerful models of the ear type. Among the main technical characteristics of devices of the ARIES POWER series, it is worth noting:

  • digital acoustic processing system;
  • the option of suppressing the so-called feedback;
  • 4 (Power) and 8 (Pro Power) individual channels for optimal tuning;
  • minimization of acoustic sound distortion;
  • great, stylish design;
  • convenient volume switching;
  • acoustic indicator when the battery is low.

Models from the leading company Starkey – Aries Power and Aries Pro Power – belong to the category of devices that are programmed. Therefore, they are suitable for reimbursement of auditory capabilities of varying severity.

Advantages of the ARIES Power and ARIES Pro POWER models

The distinctive features of the devices in this category include:

  • InVision Directionality, which allows you to adapt, automate and customize multi-channel acoustics;
  • Advanced Hydra Shield TM – a special body coating that provides water-repellent properties;
  • Purewave Feedback Eliminator TM – the complex responsible for suppressing the feedback option;
  • DataLog – registration system;
  • degree of acoustic saturation pressure (128 decibels on the buoler).

The main advantages of modern models include:

  • the possibility of programming, through which the devices can use patients with mild and deep hearing loss;
  • availability of the most important and necessary options for convenient use;
  • quick, intuitive setup;
  • optimally available functionality.