Hearing test

To determine the impairment of the hearing system, an audiologist performs a diagnosis at a specialized center. According to the results of testing patients are selected hearing aids.

All the sounds that we hear are distributed in the surrounding space in the form of vibrations. In essence, these are waves transmitted through the air from various objects. The loudness and tonality of an individual sound depends on the amplitude-frequency characteristics corresponding to its wave. Thanks to the ear, each sound becomes a nerve impulse, through which the received acoustic information is transmitted to the brain for decoding. When violations of the functions of any link in this chain, people have a hearing loss. To compensate for it, we offer hearing aids in Kiev and other cities of the country.

Hearing testing methods

Today, many methods of diagnosing organs of hearing have been developed, which are divided into the following broad groups:

  • speech;
  • tonal;
  • computer

If necessary, apply a complex of several techniques. Such studies allow you to choose the right hearing aids, which you can buy directly in any of the centers.

Speech audiometry

It is used to determine the individual susceptibility of the patient to audio waves.

In fact, speech audiometry is one of the simplest tests conducted through voice and whisper. In fact, it is a subjective test that requires the active participation of the patient. The result of it depends largely on the subject’s intelligence, his vocabulary. It is usually used to check how effective hearing aids are, how to choose the most suitable one.

Tonal testing

Allows you to check the sensitivity of the patient’s hearing at different frequencies of audio waves.

The frequency of the wave varies within 125 รท 8000 Hz. The audiologist reveals the minimum sound level heard by a person. It is also possible to identify the threshold of discomfort, that is, the maximum or maximum level for a particular subject.

The study used an audiometer. Our patient puts on headphones, which are given a different kind of sound signals. If a person hears a signal, he presses the corresponding button. Tonal testing allows you to choose not only hearing aids for the elderly, in a game form such a diagnosis is suitable for children.

Computer research

With the help of such tests, the most objective results are obtained, since they do not require the active participation of the patient. During diagnosis, a person may even just sleep. Due to this, such a procedure is suitable for everyone, including newborns. Signals from the brain are recorded by special electrodes and then transmitted to a computer program for processing. So make the most complete and accurate audiogram.

Especially for our youngest patients, we conduct:

  • audiological screening of newborns;
  • diagnosis and correction of hearing impairment in children in the first year of life by the method of KSVP.

Benefits of hearing research at Betterton Centers

Betterton Centers in Kiev and other Ukrainian cities offer optimal conditions for hearing tests. We offer the best hearing aids, the reviews on which are only positive.

In addition, we offer you:

  • innovative diagnostic equipment;
  • doctors with years of experience in practice;
  • convenient location of clinics.