Intra-channel Hearing Aids Completely-In-Canal (CIC)

Modern and compact hearing aids that meet the basic level and have all the basic functions. Ensure good sound quality, clarity and detail of speech. The outer case of the model is made on individual ear casts. Therefore, the device most accurately repeats the bends of the auditory canal. The ideal device for replenishing hearing, is located deep in the ear, which is convenient for the user and imperceptible to others.

Maximum wearing comfort is achieved due to the uniqueness of the case. Created taking into account the anatomical features of the ear of each patient individually, such a device does not cause discomfort and is very convenient to use.

Hearing aids Starkey Aries CIC series have all the basic functions necessary for the perception of sounds and live speech. There are opportunities to change the settings, working with the device is not difficult. Able to master a user of any age. Starkey is a good device at a reasonable price, comparable in quality and function to expensive equipment.

The level of noise suppression allows you to carry the device on the street, communicate in the company, use a cell phone. The presence of additional functions expands the capabilities of the device: special indicators will help to use the device in different noise environments. Monitoring the level of battery charge will always be “in touch”. Recommended for patients with diagnoses: conductive and sensorineural hearing loss, also for the elderly. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The devices are made of high-quality modern composites, there is a high degree of protection. If the rules of operation are followed, the life of the device is 3-4 years.


  • Reasonable cost of the device, when compared with counterparts of a higher class;
  • The device is small and almost invisible due to the location deep in the ear canal;
  • Do not cause inconvenience in operation for people leading an active lifestyle, because they are placed in the ear.


  • Not designed for severe hearing loss in which the hearing loss in the speech range exceeds 75 dB;
  • There may be difficulties in the use of people with problems with fine motor skills;
  • Not suitable for children under the age of 12;
  • Daily care is required.

The main parameters of intra-channel hearing aids Starkey Aries CIC:

  • Electronic sound processing.
  • Feedback noise reduction.
  • four-channel audio processing
  • Low degree of harmonic distortion.
  • Fashionable design.
  • Volume control knob.
  • Signal state of charge of the battery.