Wi Series

We are proud to announce improvements to make the Wi Series even better, and our patients even happier with the new Voice iQ2, the leading noise reduction and speech extraction system, and the introduction of Spectral iQ, a frequency reduction technology designed to help patients who really need such an intelligent option.

Starkey has also expanded the range of hearing aids with a small high-performance miniature remote receiver unit (RIC) equipped with Battery 13, and added new features and enhancements.

It all starts with IRIS Technology, Starkey’s proprietary platform, which is responsible for the wireless performance, power and flexibility of the Wi Series. By constantly monitoring and scanning the user’s environment, IRIS Technology is designed to provide a number of benefits with which no other wireless hearing aid can match.

Thanks to Voice iQ, the leading system for reducing noise and distinguishing speech, Starkey solved the problem with the biggest disappointment of users – hearing in noise. Now Starkey has almost doubled its noise reduction while retaining speech, and Voice iQ2 is an enhancement to this proven and popular system.